Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an SEO Expert to do this for me?

It isn't easy to manage ranking your site yourself,especially with the number of ranking factors that search engines use to evaluate whether your site is powerful enough to rank on page one. Add to that the fact that they are very often changing their algorithms and applying penalties to websites, it can be hard to do this yourself.

How long it will take to rank? 

Once a website has built up enough trust and has a powerful link building strategy in place, it will rank well on page one. The answer to how long it takes depends on how well your technical SEO optimisation is managed, the level of your competition and the area your are trying to rank in, the keywords that you are trying to rank for and their competition, the optimsation of your content, the authority of your website and of course your marketing budget. We manage this process, it works but the length of time it takes to rank depends on your level of spend and the amount of power you want to put behind the process.

Do you work on our website?

In the optimisation phase, we like to work on your website to ensure that all the key factors are in place to facilitate the ranking of your site. We can do this for you or if you have a web developer in place already, we can work with them. We do not need access to your website to manage the off page optimisation requirements.

Do I need to sign up to a contract?

We don't use contracts. We believe that if we keep our clients happy with our service offerings, they will keep working with us. Our approach is to deliver an excellent service to you every month which means we go above and beyind to deliver results. What we do offer is a letter of agreement, which outlines what will be performed every month. If you choose to leave, there are no cancellation fees.